About the ISJ Leaders in Security Awards

Within this dynamic and ever-evolving industry, there is a need for introspection. Therefore, it is critical we celebrate the often overlooked heroes working diligently behind the scenes, dedicating countless hours to safeguarding people, property and valuable assets across the globe.

For many of these individuals, their endeavours extend beyond protection; they recognise security as a force for driving efficiency within the wider business model. Their dedication demonstrates the synergy between security and operational excellence whilst underscoring how a robust framework can enhance modern operations.  
Some individuals are champions of innovation, committing hours to research and developing powerful technologies and comprehensive strategies that save lives and are capable of enhancing broader operational systems. Others are exemplary leaders, harnessing their wealth of professional and personal experiences to foster sustainable growth within the industry.
The ISJ Leaders in Security Awards, produced in collaboration with the Security Partners’ Forum, have been created to highlight, and most importantly, celebrate these individuals as well as the innovations and projects helping to drive bold and brilliant leadership, growth and development within the professional international security community.  
These distinctive awards will cast a spotlight on specific aspects of the industry and the accomplished individuals propelling performance and development. Operating on a global scale, the ISJ Leaders in Security Awards acknowledge excellence across a wide range of job roles, sectors and industries and stand as the ultimate form of recognition conferred by professional peers and colleagues.
By recognising achievements from every corner of the globe, we are painting a picture of the entire landscape. The ISJ Leaders in Security Awards are not confined by borders. By honouring individuals, teams, technologies and strategic initiatives worldwide, these awards fill a crucial gap and showcase the true breadth and diversity of talent within the global security community.