Please see the following descriptions for more information on each category. To download a PDF of the Terms & Conditions – which also contains information regarding the submission process – click here.

ISJ Leaders in Security Award for Solution Innovation (Initiative & Technology)

The ‘Solution Innovation’ award has been established to help shine a light on specific initiatives and technologies that have had a significant impact on key areas of the industry. By separating the award into distinct submission areas – ‘Initiative’ and ‘Technology’ – the Judging Panel will select two separate winners based on the following:

  • Solution Innovation – Initiative: Recognising a unique solution with a refined methodology that has been provided to proactively address not just immediate vulnerabilities and issues, but future challenges. This solution may have been put together with ethical and sustainable considerations in mind, has a direct impact on operational outcomes, is flexible for users or helps facilitate a closer collaboration between stakeholders across a variety of disciplines.

  • Solution Innovation – Technology: Recognising a solution or physical product that is unique in its approach to technological application. This award will spotlight a cost-effective, powerful solution that is built for long term use and harnesses the power of cutting-edge technologies to contribute to the enhancement of a wider security system. The effectiveness of such a solution must be supported by evidence of demonstrable success in real world scenarios.

ISJ Leaders in Security Award for Operational Excellence

The ‘Operational Excellence in Security’ award has been designed to honour an organisation or individual for exemplary skill in the operationalisation of security measures. This accolade will be awarded to an individual or organisation that is taking conceptual security plans and strategies and turning them into actionable practices that have a direct impact in a real world setting.

ISJ Leaders in Security Award for Crisis and Incident Management

The ‘Crisis and Incident Management’ award acknowledges the outstanding handling and mitigation of security incidents or crises on a local or global scale. Highlighting skill and commitment in responding to an incident, this award seeks to recognise an individual or team’s agility and strength in responding to or pre-empting the materialisation of a crisis. Delivering results through the prevention of damage or the preservation of reputation and stakeholder confidence, these actions demonstrate industry best practice.

ISJ Leaders in Security Award for Cross-Functional Security Integration

The ‘Cross-Functional Security Integration’ award has been established to honour the efforts made by individuals and teams to seamlessly integrate security with other organisational functions such as IT, human resources, finance or legal. A firm commitment to cross-functional cooperation reflects an awareness of security’s value in the wider operational picture, proactively integrating what are often siloed practices and solutions to enhance the functioning of other departments whilst gathering valuable data to improve oversight. Ultimately, this award recognises the importance of a collaborative approach.

ISJ Leaders in Security Award for Cybersecurity Leadership

The ‘Cybersecurity Leadership’ award celebrates outstanding leadership in cybersecurity, particularly contributions to the fortification of digital assets and infrastructure. Leadership is not defined by roles, but is signified by impact, vision and strategy. Against an ever-evolving cyber-threat landscape, this award recognises influential individuals at the forefront of our modern age who may be helping businesses, organisations, governments or whole nations stay one step ahead of emerging threats by utilising experience and leveraging innovative strategies.

ISJ Leaders in Security Award for Mentorship

The award for ‘Mentorship’ recognises an individual who has made significant contribution to the community by acting as a mentor and leader for security professionals who are new to the industry or are looking to find out more about a specialist discipline or sector. The long term growth of the industry greatly relies on individuals who are committed to raising awareness about key issues, encouraging participation and sharing their experiences to help others with their continual professional development.